Group Therapy

Group Therapy Services

The group therapy session is a collaborative effort in which the therapist assumes clinical responsibility for the group and its members. In a typical session, which lasts about 60-90 minutes, members work to express their own problems, feelings, ideas and reactions as freely and honestly as possible. Such exploration gives the group the important information needed to understand and help one another. Members learn not only to understand their own issues but also the issues of other members.

During group sessions, one begins to understand one’s own patterns of thought and behavior and those of other members. The group explores together why those patterns may have formed and what positive or negative function they play today in one’s life. We live and interact with people every day and often there are things that people are experiencing that can be beneficial to share with others. In group therapy, you learn that you are not alone in your daily struggles.

Group therapy can benefit those having difficulties with interpersonal relationships, depression, anxiety, medical illness, loss, or behavioral problems. We as human beings feel better when participating freely with others and thereby group therapy is a helpful form of therapy.

I have received Certification as a Group Psychotherapist by The International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists and earned the designation "CGP," which means I have received specialized training in group therapy. I am a Clinical Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

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